2013 Fun Games Collection

Sunny and the temperature is a comfortable 25 May 2013 afternoon, the company held a Fun Games distinguished sound surface, all company personnel into Miami, Eagle, Wolf, flag open D wins, hurricanes, E soaring six small team competition.\ Wonderful again and again during the race, the contestants work closely together in order to win the individual described in the following touching moment of the game: running the universe \ Way of the Dragon\ Zhongxingpengyue \ Armored fighting vehicles \ The Ultimate Challenge\ Super steeplechase\ No contestants alongside shouting cheer, happy spectators. \   After fierce competition, Grey Wolves won too, Eagle team won the runner-up, winning the flag to open D team won third place. Finally a group photo of all the staff, the successful conclusion of the game.\     Although the end of the event, but the wonderful teamwork natural deeply imprinted in the hearts of the crowd, everyone becomes a warm lingering memories.